Meet Our Bartenders

Stephanie Richard
CEO, Owner

Stephanie has been entertaining folks from behind the bar for 23 years. Her wit and charm create a welcoming atmosphere that encourages patrons to relax and unwind with a few cocktails and lively conversation. Stephanie's experience ranges from bartending for private parties or large crowds including weddings, corporate events and special occasions. Whatever the occasion may be, Stephanie is the perfect bartender to entertain your guests and keep the party energized.

Our “party guy” bartender!

He loves to work outdoor events and casual parties. Has 5+ years bartending experience. Chance is a funny guy and will have your guests drinking, cracking jokes and having a great time!

Our “girl-on-the-go” bartender!

She has over 10+ years experience serving large crowds and parties. She is our runner and loves to move and shake, so for any party where you need fast paced serving, Amanda is your girl!

Our "fun time" bartender

Mike has over 12 years experience behind the bar. He's always smiling and makes your guests feel comfortable and at ease. He's a pistol behind the bar and prides himself on his margaritas! If you're looking for a good time, call.....

Our "spicy ginger"

Noelle is our no holes barred, sassy, tell it like it is girl. She has plenty experience working the bar and the crowd. Her charm and wit wins you over every time and it's a plus that she mixes a mean cocktail! Noelle is new to our family and has earned her spot here by being our last minute savior!

Our "newbie"

Amanda is new to the bartending/catering world. She is an amazing asset to our team with her extreme willingness to learn from the ground up! She jumped right in and learned how to mix her first cocktail on the job and has been moving fast forward ever since. Her smile is contagious and will light up any party.

Our “professional” bartender!

Charlie has worked in upscale restaurants and bars for over 12+ years and takes pride in serving the “rich & famous” clientele. He has catering and food service experience as well, aims to please and is a wonderful addition to our team!

Our “hostess with the most-ess”!

She is our greeter and server extraordinaire! Danielle comes to us with over 8+ years experience in serving, catering and bartending. She comes from a restaurant family so is very comfortable and familiar with food service and cocktailing. Danielle is upbeat and bubbly and is sure to make any event a memorable one!

Junior Staff


Our "junior staff senior"

Jordan is part of our serving staff. She is sweet and bubbly and is learning the business from her mother Stephanie who happens to be the owner of OTR. She is learning from the bottom to the top starting off serving food, keeping the buffet full and cleaning as we go! She is in charge of keeping the host/hostess happy and does her job very well. We are excited to help kick start her career while she's in school to one day take the reigns.